Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blogging- Chapter 3

I have really become a fan of blogging. I think its a great way to get a message across about anything! It is also simple and easy, so people of all ages can create and publish posts to a blog very easily. Chapter 3 of Will Richardson's " Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms" ask some excellent ideas about blogs.

I believe safety is something that is very important especially for young students who are new to not only blogs but the internet. A teacher should monitor was his or her students are looking at while on the classroom computer.

Blogs are a great tool for a teacher. A place to display student work or class projects. And a place for parents to see what their children are doing while in school.

test, test, test

Graduation!! on PhotoPeach

ohh how times have changed!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Buddy-My Tech Savvy Kitty

The other night while working on some homework my cat, affectionately called Buddy, jumped up on my bed and curled into a little ball next to me. After a couple of minutes he became restless and stretched out and used my computer as a pillow. Although this was probably unintentional on his part, I liked to think he wanted to help me with my Observation Report!

Isn't it funny how we have become accustomed to having a technology and computers in our daily life. I can still remember my first contact with a computer. I was in the 2nd grade and my class was in the computer lab for the first time. We were seated in pairs in front of these very large computers that had black screens and green writing. I remember being so excited and amazed by the computer and not wanting to leave the lab. Now I could not imagine going a day without checking my email or going to my favorite sites.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shift Happens...

So, I have a new layout...didn't like the old one! This one is pink! And I like it! lol ok I'm a dork.

I am very excited about christmas. I can't wait to see my family and friends over the holiday's. And there are parties (Danielle!). I love how friendly and spirited everyone is during this time of the year. It's probably my favorite time of the year, well other than my birthday. I haven't started christmas shopping yet. I've been to budy with school and work and well life in general. I am going to knit hats and give them as christmas presents. The good think this that I have a lot of extra yarn so I'm not spending any money!

So I am really enjoying this technology class. Learning about all the things I can put into a blog is really interesting. There are so many different elements to a blog! I never thought about using different technologies in a classroom. I continue to be amazed by all the new technologies in the classroom!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Reflection about Classroom Technologies

During my daily computer routine I check my e-mail, my facebook, the news, the weather and a few of my favorite blogs. I spend part of my morning reading what other people have to say about various topics from shoes to the news headline. I have become accustomed to reading the thoughts of other people and never would I have ever thought to create my own blog. So here it goes...

This blog was started for a class I am taking at Johnson and Wales University. The computer class is about using new technologies in a classroom. I find the subject extremely fascinating. The classroom has changed so much from when I was a young student; today there is the internet, blogs, podcasts, powerpoints, video clips, etc. I could not imagine integrating all of these new technologies available today in a classroom. I am excited to learn about how to use them in my future classrooms.

A blog is something that I would have never thought to use in classroom. But it could be very useful. For the teacher a blog could help keep assignments organized and available for students to review from home. A blog could be a place for students to display their own work or get feedback from peers. A classroom blog could be a great place for teachers to keep a running record of what his or her students are accomplishing. It could also be a place for parents to keep track of the classroom too.

After learning about blogs during the first two weeks of this technology class I hope and plan on using blogs in my class. I also hope to continue with this blog. So come along and learn about technologies for the classroom with me! :)